Individual, Family, and Community Services

TLC provides a variety of individual, family & community services through its Trans Ed Family Resource Center (FRC). Most of FRC services are provided through county government contracts for special populations. Several services are available, however, to the general public, including Drug & Alcohol Counseling (short term) and Individual and Family Relationship Counseling. The general nature of our services is described below, followed by specific program names and descriptions.

FRC is one of TLC’s three major divisions: The Trans Ed School System, The Trans Ed Family Resource Network, and The Trans Ed Advancement Group. The Lincoln Center or TLC is a non-profit educational service organization. TLC is home to TLC Transformational Education®, an educational approach to assisting communities, children and families grow and change.

TLC Trans Ed Counseling
The Trans Ed Family Resource Center understands counseling from the "Life is a Journey" perspective. Within that context, FRC educates clients by providing values and life skills counseling that supports personal growth.

Our approach is supportive and designed to assist individuals and families to successfully meet the immediate challenge and recognize the personal growth that results. Through this process we empower them with the personal values, the life skills and the growth process necessary to successfully meet the personal challenges they will continue to face on their life’s journey.

Categories of FRC Services

Managing Personal Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  1. Meeting the challenge of stressful situations in one’s life
  2. Strengthening couple and family relationships
  3. Individual and Group Therapy for depression, anxiety and adjustment problems

Dealing with Addictions

  1. Prevention and intervention counseling
  2. Intensive in-home services to support substance abuse recovery where young children are affected (in partnership with the Office of Children and Youth)
  3. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) services

Strengthening Parent’s and Children’s Relationships

  1. Relationship skills for children, teens, and parents
  2. Individual counseling for children and teens
  3. Improving relationships with peers and parents
  4. Decision-making and coping with changing emotions
  5. Parenting education
  6. Helping children and teens who have experienced abuse

Managing Separation, Divorce and Custody

  1. Custody/relationship counseling
  2. Supervised visitation

Completing Life’s Journey: Becoming the Older Generation

  1. In-home counseling
  2. Senior crime victim assistance
  3. Preventing senior victimization