The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth is looking for a part-time counselor or social worker to provide various counseling services, including in-home services to families in central and western Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. This person will provide intervention services to address issues of child abuse or provide prevention assistance to high risk families who are struggling with parenting abilities. Additional assignments will involve group work with teens and adults on drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention and the development of life skills.  

The applicant must have experience in delivering services that strengthen family relationships. This person will assist families with home management, healthy relationship building, parenting skills, anger management, family counseling, and intervention in preventing child abuse and neglect. Use of a reliable car is necessary to travel throughout the area covered. 

Job Responsibilities

The position will provide counseling and/or prevention services to students and families in Montgomery County on a flexible, part-time basis.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Flexibility and ability to provide multiple types of counseling including: DUI, drug & alcohol, tobacco & smoke prevention, anger management, retail theft, general counseling, and therapeutic supervised family visitation.
  2. In-home services/home visits to families for the SCOH (Services to Children in Their Own Homes) Program as well as FFSBS (Family Focused Solution Based Services).
  3. Supportive services in an afterschool program. 


  1. A Master’s degree in counseling/social work or a related field. Preference will be given to individuals with PA state licensure in a counseling or behavioral health field. 
  2. Reliable transportation.
  3. Ability to transmit notes and paperwork via email.
  4. Experience with counseling for drug and alcohol issues, victimization, child abuse, and family issues.
  5. Flexible hours, both daytime & evening available.

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