Alternative Schools for District Overview

TLC Transformational Education®
Transformational Education (Trans Ed) is an educational approach focused on the personal growth and development of the whole person towards their becoming a critically thinking individual, empowered with the values and skills essential for successful living and participation in family and community life… one filled with caring, contribution, and commitment.

The Lincoln Center uses the Transformational Education instructional design methodology throughout the TLC School System. Trans Ed is an innovative educational methodology for students that turns classrooms into three dimensional, multi-sensory learning environments.

These classrooms generate interactive learning, motivate self-discipline, build self-esteem, develop character, and foster kaleidoscopic thinking.

The Trans Ed curriculum is student-centered, wherein teachers and counselors act as facilitators in creating self-paced, experiential lessons designed to appeal to the multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles of students.

TLC Academies

  1. Trans Ed Instructional Design

  2. Grades 7–12

  3. Full-Day

  4. High Expectations

  5. Certified Teachers

  6. State Approved

  7. Enriched Learning Environment

  8. Research-Based

  9. Positive Culture