About The Lincoln Center

Our Philosophy
TLC has as its philosophy the belief that life is a journey of personal growth and enlightenment which comes from the continuing struggle and search for meaningful responses to life’s challenges. The TLC organization embraces the journey experience of the individual and incorporates it into our organizational culture as the operative reality. We are often called upon to assist during life’s crisis times. Our approach is supportive and designed to assist individuals and families to meet successfully the immediate challenge and recognize the personal growth that results.

Through this Transformational Education process we empower them with the personal values, life skills, and growth process necessary to successfully meet the personal challenges they will continue to face on their life’s journey. It is the belief of The Lincoln Center that children, adults, and families are this nation’s most valuable resource. The agency recognizes the unique importance of each individual and family and our philosophy, culture and programs focus on developing the individual’s and family’s abilities, strengths, and talents.

Our Mission
The mission of The Lincoln Center is to teach children, adults, and their families the values, processes, and life skills essential to a successful life journey – one filled with caring, contribution, and commitment. TLC empowers individuals and families with the following:

1) An understanding that life is a journey of personal growth; directed inward, we move from selfishness to selflessness; directed outward we move from self-centered to other (family, community, world) centered

2) A set of "Wisdom Principles" to employ in working through the personal circumstances and choices that each life journey presents. The wisdom principles incorporate the personal values of Caring, Contribution, and Commitment; the life skills of Vision, Courage, and Will; and the growth processes of Struggle, Transformation, and Enlightenment.

Our Vision
TLC Transformational Education® has brought TLC to the leadership in innovative approaches to assist communities, their children and their families grow and change. TLC Trans Ed focuses on the personal growth and development of the whole person towards their becoming a critically thinking individual, empowered with the values and skills essential for successful participation in family and community life.

Our vision is to establish the TLC organization as the premier transformational education organization, building on our enviable reputation for user friendly, high-quality services and innovative programming.

Our History
The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth (aka The Lincoln Center or TLC) is a multi-service, not-for-profit educational organization serving children, individuals, and families. TLC originated in 1970 as part of the community-based services of Eagleville Hospital, which serves the Philadelphia PA region.

In 1983, TLC became an independent, non-profit, educational organization dedicated to the educational mission of teaching children, adults, and their families the values and life skills essential to a successful life journey one filled with caring, contribution, and commitment.

Today, The Lincoln Center is one of the region’s largest organizations providing alternative education, drug/alcohol prevention, and crisis counseling services to school districts; and in-home individual and family counseling.

TLC’s consumers includes recipients of our direct services as well as those organization with whom we contract, including school districts and other local, county, state and federal government agencies.

Our Organization
Headquartered near Valley Forge Pennsylvania, TLC is a non-for-profit, 501(c)(3) educational/charitable organization, incorporated under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. TLC is governed by a Board of Directors who has fiduciary responsibility for the organization. TLC is operated by an Executive Director under the authority of the Board.

TLC is made up of three major educational divisions: The Trans Ed School System, The Trans Ed Family Resource Network, and the Trans Ed Institute. Specific services include: alternative schools; individual and family counseling; student crisis counseling; drug and alcohol education & prevention and community asset development. TLC’s Trans Ed methodology is at the heart of all of our services.